There is a problem with triangulating surfaces from lines with world coordinates

I have seen this a few times in Rhino 6, you take a line from a model in world coordinates, and for example create a buffer, so you can make a surface. But when you mesh that surface, it ends up looking like it would in 3dsMax, or other programs that can’t handle large coordinates. This is a major problem for me, as I work like this all the time. to make matters more complicated, it does not seem to do this all the time…

Hello - Rhino always works in world coordinates behind the scenes - your image looks like it is very far from the world origin.



It’s in world coordinates yes, so they are large coordinates. But does’nt the “farfromorigin” idea crash with what is written here:

I need my cad software to be able to work where ever the data is, and I prefer to use Rhino for most jobs, but if I can’t use rhino for large coordinates, I will have to figure out something else.
Is this a problem for Grasshopper as well? As there are tons of tools for grasshopper that work with “world data” and maybe should’nt?

Also, I have only ever seen this problem when it comes to triangulation. everything else works as excpected :slight_smile:

Hei Gudmund -

I take it that you refer to the creation of display meshes and not a workflow for converting NURBS objects into meshes?

If you have a specific case and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce what you are seeing, please post a 3dm file and those instructions so that we can take a look.