There is a bug when executing the MergeFaces command

There is a bug when we execute the MergeFaces command that we want to verify that the vertices remain.

I personally do not see this as a bug. When you merge faces on a corner your end points become internal. Their influence on the surface is different, hence the rounding of the corner.

Hi, Mehran,

To date, we have never intentionally permitted a mesh “ngon” to have unwelded vertices and MergeFaces is working as designed. Anything interior to a merged face on an ON_Mesh becomes “welded” so the “ngon” will shade smoothly. The same is true for using MergeFaces on a SubD object.

Is there some task or workflow that would be easier if ordinary mesh ngons had interior unwelded vertices?

Hi @dalelear
It would be much better if the Merge Faces command would work in a mesh like subd because it is much better in subd and help ease the modeling.It still depends on you how to correct it