"There are no validations for your license key" Reset?

This problem occurred after a clean installation of my Surface, then I couldn’t activate it.

I’ve read that VisualARQ can be installed on multiple PCs with one license as long as not running simultaneously.

So I have basically 5pcs:

  • 2 workstation PC laptops
  • 1 Mac running bootcamp Windows
  • 1 Surface Pro 5
  • 1 Desktop Workstation

Some of them also had clean installation/ upgrade Windows systems, etc…
So is there a way to basically reset the validation for all of them, meaning disable license on all 5?
Then I can manually activate each of them on their latest system?

email associated is: Zach@zachitect.com

Hi @zach5,

I’ve reset the validation count for your license key, so you should now be able to validate again. Yes, VisualARQ license says that it can be installed in as many computer as you want, as long you don’t use it simultaneously. But this normally applies to people with 2 or 3 computers. It’s not common to have 5 or more computers for a single user.

In your situation, my recommendation is to use a Zoo Server so you can share the same license in as many computers as you need.