There are many bugs in Rhino 7.4, 7.5, 7.6 dimension commands

When I explode a leader in Rhino 7.4, the Explode command makes new objects, but it does not delete the leader.

I cannot move the leader, I cannot delete it, and I cannot edit it. When I turn on control points, they cannot be moved with the Gumball. I cannot make any changes in the text either.

I have found the same bugs in DimRadius and DimOrdinate commands - these dimension objects cannot be deleted. I did not check other dimension commands.

Is it also incorrect in 7.5, the latest service release?


The same bugs are in Rhino 7.6.

Hello - if you close and reopen Rhino with the same file, are the deleted objects still there?


Yes. I cannot delete these objects. I can only try to delete them. If I save the file with the leader and reopen the file, the leader is still there.

Hi @andrew.nowicki,

I am unable to repeat what you are reporting. Can you provide step-by-step instructions so I can repeat what you are seeing?


– Dale

I have just found the cause of this bug! I have always tested this bug in the same file:
junk7 SubDs.3dm (542.7 KB)
When I tested this bug in new, empty file made without template, the bug disappeared.

Hi @andrew.nowicki,

Even in this file, if you explode the leader, it is deleted. But the leader’s curve has an invalid domain. So when exploded, Rhino deems the curve as junk and tosses it.

I don’t suppose you recall how you created this? Was it made with a version of Rhino prior to 7?

– Dale

You subject says “There are many bugs…” What are they? How can we repeat them?

– Dale

I disagree. Exploding the leader does not explode it. It merely duplicates some of its parts shown in the bottom half of the following screenshot.
rhino leader bug

It was made by Robert McNeel & Associates as example of SubDs in Rhino 6. I used it to play with new commands for several years and I changed it a little.

Use the same (buggy) file. Run other dimension commands and try to edit objects made by these commands.