There are 4 Bugs in the Enviroment Panel

1.) On load, the environments are inconsistently loaded.

2.) On load, the environments are inconsistently bright, given the same Intensity.

3.) On load, the environments are inconsistent in their direction.

4.) After rotating by directional widget a few times, the UI will confuse a mouse up state for a mouse down state.

The backgrounds also look poor and banded on the low end of the intensity, thwarting efforts to do an evening render. It appears that the backgrounds are darkened perhaps by scaling the entire gamma and not multiply, which degrades the background as it’s darkened.

I realize that attempting to change the gamma is a more sophisticated approach than merely brightening or darkening the background, but it doesn’t seem to work well, at this point.

Optimally, separate controls would exist for both: intensity of the lighting effect on the geometry, and the brightness of the background.

Why is this in the Hardware category?
Is that intentional?

Apparently, I made a mistake. Please move it to Rhino Windows, or Rendering, please.

Please run the SystemInfo command so we can see your Rhino setup.

Are there any more details you can provide for those items so we can try to repeat them? Are the environments on your local SSD or hard drive?

Have you tried any of this in the V7 WIP?