Thea Render works with Bongo, no?

Hi all,
Has anyone successfully used Thea with Bongo?

I’ve tried to render Viewport (the Viewport using ´Thea Render) but that only results in black frames.

I’ve also tried using Thea Render directly, but that won’t render at all (it tries for some 5 seconds and then quits the job without any message, so rendering is aborted.

So I wonder if anyone has been able to successfully use Thea with Bongo?

// Rolf

OK, I got it working, somehow. :slight_smile:

Hi Rolf,

the manual for Thea for Rhino V1.5 says something about Bongo:

Thank you @MarcusStrube for pointing me to this manual which had overlooked.

Anyway, here’s a rubber seal experiment I tried with Thea (first time ever using Thea).

Fig. 1. Rubber seal, Bongo animation with 45 frames -> AVI took 7.5 hours on a i7 3930, 3.2 GHz 12 core with one Asus GTX 970 Strix. That seem rather slow :sleeping: but I guess I’ll have to learn Thea in order to make meaningful settings :

// Rolf


I cannot give any advice here, but I think rendering a single of those frames shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds. So it’s either wrong settings or you chose the wrong rendering engine for the situation. There is also a PDF called Walkthrough Animation, btw. The other PDFs are here: 1, 2

And there is also a subforum called Support & Feedback (Rhino). Let them know…

I used the wrong engine. It took only 8 minutes with non-terminated Presto (AO) and a few seconds more with Presto (MC).

Thank you for the hints on where to find the best information. The Thea site is a bit confusing, to say the least (only Rhino’s ditto is worse… :slight_smile: ).

// Rolf

I think the rendering industry people’s attitude towards documentation, manuals and real-world examples is generally absolutely disgusting. :wink:

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