Thea for Rhino v3

Has anyone here had any luck installing and activating Thea 3? Seems like Altair has taken over and screwed up the registration/activation process to no end. I was a very happy Thea user until Altair entered into things?

Installed as usual
V3 has a lot going for it
The best renderer to use in Rhino to my mind

Hi Joseph. As long as you have an active license in Altair One, you can use the same email and password to activate Thea for Rhino v3.


Why Thea instead of Vray ?

No license hassles (not sure if Vray has abandoned the dreaded dongle thing but that always plagued me)
Better results right out of the box
I do a lot of retail work and I have to fuss with Vray to get convincing glass with reflections
Not with Thea
Try it

I spoke too soon
I paid for and installed Thea 3 for Rhino with no problems
Now I’m getting emails offering to upgrade my Thea 2 license and when I try to log in to see what’s going on, Altair doesn’t recognize my username or password
I guess I’ll stop touting Thea to my friends