Thea - Fading a material to 100% transparent

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Another stupid question…

I’m trying to fade out a Medium material that I’m using for an exhaust. Unfortunately I can’t get it to fade out to 100% transparent, instead it goes to solid black. I have a planar map set up with a gradient image from white to black to use as a clipping plane but it just doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas? See image below -

…and a screenshot of the material…

Any help would be massively appreciated!



before somebody with a real solution answers just a quick idea. are those ends open seen at the no clipping map? maybe closing or even opening may help.

Thanks Richard. They are open surfaces at the moment, when I make them into closed solids then the black ends disappear but the transparent clipping gradient still doesn’t work. Most strange…

Hi Rob, when it comes to materials I would ask on Thea’s forum. There are simply more people there. (I am not able to answer the question…)

i have never used Thea, so i am just talking with experience from other software, but to me it seems like the clipping actually worked but it does not interact with the background you have maybe its because of how its set up i have no clue but if you export it to any other software does it show the alpha channel? any photo or video editing software should do to check that.

Thanks for the reply Marcus, will post on the Thea forum now…

Agreed, there seems to be something happening but it fades to black rather than transparent. Maybe a bug?? I’ll post on the Thea forum to see if anyone has experienced this before.