Thea Batch Render

I’ve started using Thea Render, and I’m very fond of it so far. I wanted to ask if someone else is using Thea, and if so, if there is a batch render script for Thea? Is it possible anyway? You can start rendering with “TheaStartViewportRender” and save it with “TheaSaveInteractiveImage”, but you need to wait for about 5 minutes for the Viewport to render properly. Is there a timer somewhere?

Currently, there is no Batch Render tool in Thea for Rhino.
Viewport Interactive Rendering runs indefinitely and you can save the displayed image at any time. If you want to set a time limit then you should render in Production Mode.

From the Thea Render Settings tab, switch to Production Mode, select an engine (e.g. Presto) and in the Termination section set either a Sample or Time limit. Open Thea Darkroom and click on the Start button.

Please have a look at this Quick Start Guide for Thea for Rhino.


you may also try this approach:

but it is still buggy

try if you can get this script to work with thea:

Thank you hitenter! I will check it out!