The X axis and Z axis have been exchanged?

when i created the beam,from points (0,0,0)to(0,0,400),its come out the columns.
but from points (0,0,400)to(0,0,0), its come out the beam.

when i deform the dx dy dz ,it seems like x/z axis have been exchanged? dx==-z?dz=-x?

when i create the beam or columns or some others crosssection with different sharps, can i control(change) the control points;or mirror the beam (other sharps by myself) without change the startpoint with the endpoint

Hi Cup319,

Beam and Column are actually the same object type underneath. Any beam that has its end point straight above the start point is automatically recognized by Tekla as a column, however the only thing that changes is how Tekla shows the properties in the property pane. Hence why you see a column when the end point is above, and beam when the endpoint is below.

The deforming attributes are relative to the beam’s own coordinate system, where the x-axis is along the beams centerline. You’ll get the same result if you set these attributes from the property pane in Tekla Structures.



I GOT IT.(the x-axis is along the beams centerline)

Q3 :ANY WAY TO MIRROR THE BEAM WITHOUT CHANGE the startpoint with the endpoint

Not really I think. The profile/section is always extruded from the start point to the end point. If you create your profiles yourself I suppose you could switch to a mirrored profile/section instead if you want to leave the start and end points in place.


just create two profiles with two names?

Yes exactly!