The world´s largest 3D printed concrete bridge

The Bridge Project is an initiative of Rijkswaterstaat and the Studio Michiel Van Der Kley in collaboration with the Technical University Eindhoven.

The world’s longest 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge is being assembled and placed in the Netherlands.

This innovative and disruptive project shows the existing potential between the world of construction and 3D printing.

This bridge of 29 meters long is entirely built with the aid of Rhino and Grasshopper.

The mix of techniques used for this project makes it possible to create a design with complex shapes that would be almost impossible to do with traditional construction methods.

"Most concrete constructions are being made with the aid of molds. Molds are not only expensive, but they are also partly responsible for a bigger uniformity. When you 3D print, you do not use a mold.

Apart from these advantages, we use very powerful and unique software that gives us the ability to not just make this one model but a series of models. Models that belong to the same family but are distinctly different at the same time".

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Posted Jun 09, 2021 by Tamara Rubinger on Rhino News, etc.