The WIP broke down and I can't open current files

Hi Mcneel team
1)The current WIP [last one of May2020] suddenly stopped working.
2)All was fine last night, and this morning files will not open.
3) A new file will only open a blank window.
4) I re-downloaded and reinstall the WIP. that didn’t help.
5) V6 works fine but I can’t use it [until this is sorted] as all my current files are V7.
6) perhaps there’s something that got corrupted that is not being overwritten by a reinstall…?

thanks a lot

Did you try deleting the .PLIST for Rhino WIP? Maybe something got corrupted…

defaults delete com.mcneel.rhinoceros.7

Thanks @nathanletwory and @jespizua. that would make sense
I think I messed up something when trying to modify the popup tool pallet last night.

where do I find this one? couldn’t find it in Library > App support > Mcneel > V7

thanks a lot

You run that command in a terminal.

Yes that worked, very good… But I lost all pref + key-shortcuts aliases. That’s a very big mess as I don’t have a V7 .PLIST backup.

Do you know if there’s a way to restore the V7 .PLIST I had on my last Time machine backup? [that is from a couple of days ago before this incident happened.

thanks a lot

I don’t know how to do that. I’m not much of a Mac power user (:

Maybe someone else can help here.

You should be able to do it if you have configured your Time Machine to save all kind of files, included system files.

In Time Machine, go to this route to find WIP7 PLIST:

I hope you can solve it,

The backup is for everything, But in Library >Pref > I can’t find it there are some from other app in there [and lots of but no com.mcneel.rhinoceros.7.plist.

I see that the path you showed is in Mojave, can it be that the rhino plist is stored in a different location on Catalina…?

update : found a recent one with search. But now how to import it,
the: com.mcneel.rhinoceros.7.plist
Command: ImportPreferences
Specified file is not a valid options file.

Edit 2 : all good restored the file it and it is now fixed

thanks a lot