The UV from Rhino 8 is not synchronized to other software

The 3dm format file with UV unwrapped and saved from Rhino 8 does not display the UV in other software. Is this a software issue or something else? I was able to do so in Rhino 7.

Does anyone answer

you will need to say what format you are exporting, and what is the other software

probably best to provide an example file too, along with the exact steps you are using (how you are exporting it, and the export settings), so people can try it and see what you mean

Hello, I’ve created a circular pipe model using Rhino. Then, I used the UV unwrap function in Rhino 8 to unwrap the UVs. However, when I saved it as the default format 3DM and opened it in Keyshot, I found that the unwrapped UVs were not present on the model. In fact, they were missing. I’ve also tried using the Keyshot docking plugin, but it didn’t work.

There seem to be a few more issues with UVs in Rhino 8. I’ve tested it with a few other formats, interesting to see, that also the native one seems to have problems.

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Sounds to me this is the same as Rhino 8 Bug: Polysurface Mapping Issue and Rhino 8 maps not translating to keyshot 2023

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The bug in the software is really uncomfortable and hasn’t been fixed yet