The universal popup

For those that like to model with a clean Rhino screen (combination of command line and occasional tool icons). You can use this popup if you like it.

This is a pristine vanilla Rhino toolbar layout with an additional popup (mapped to F12).
The popup will always pop at your cursor location.
This popup links to the entire Rhino interface. All toolbars are represented at some level.
At the top level we have eleven rows each representing (roughly) a group of functions.

20210425 UniversalPopup.7z (2.7 MB)

@pascal If you import only the toolbar (not the entire *.rui interface) into a default Rhino.rui it duplicates every single toolbar with “00” suffix. Why doesn’t it link by reference to existing same name toolbars ? (I understand it assumes that “your” linked ones are modified, but what if you don’t want the duplication ?)