The "undo" command does not work

Hello… for a long time I have been struggling with a problem that I have not yet been able to solve and I do not know where the fault lies, at the same time I have not found a similarity anywhere on the forums.
When I use work session - I load files classically, everything works as it should. However, as soon as I edit and update any of the loaded files in the work session, the UNDO command stops working. I have to close and reopen everything. Still, it’s annoying when I do some work and can’t get back in.
I have addressed this with the VisualARQ developers in the past, but at the time they referred me more directly to the Rhino developers.
Would anyone have any advice if I have something set up wrong somewhere as to why this is happening? Thanks a lot.

Hi Vojtech -
In a quick test here, I wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior that you are reporting.
Could you post a simple sample that we can use to test?

Yes, I have recorded the whole process using a simple example of two files with elementary content (solids). You can see that this happens after updating the file (or just removing it from the session). It’s as if when deleting it from the session, the command history is also deleted. What do you think?!Aqk3Ea7-scTEjo89iDddxI81W8o2OA?e=PkGekD

Sorry. Videos never do much for me. All I can see is that you have a hi-res screen and everything is tiny on my 1920 x 1080 screen. No UI elements are in the default positions. There are a zillion layers in both files and you are using several non-standard plug-ins. I don’t know where to start looking…
Can you just export those 3 objects to 2 new files without plug-in data and post those 3dm files?

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You’re right, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that. I’ll try again and do better:-)

I’m uploading the files I made in the default Rhino template, and I’ve disabled all third-party plugins (however, I only use VisualARQ and LandsDesign, which I don’t find non-standard).

Anyway, even with this simulation, the exact same thing happens to me, I can’t go back steps every time I update a changed file.

01.3dm (28.9 KB)
02.3dm (46.2 KB)

Hello- what I see is that on updating an attached file, the undo in the current file is reset, but works for new operations done after that - is that what you see?


Hello, I have not been able to take any steps back at all since updating the file. No matter how many operations I do, I can’t go back even one step. It’s as if the function has been completely erased.

Hi Vojtech -
I’m still not clear on the steps I have to take to see this issue.

I open 01.3dm and attach 02.3dm. I then model in 01.3dm.
I launch a different Rhino instance and open 02.3dm in that instance and I change some things and save.
Back in my 01 instance, I use the “Update” option for the 02 layer in the Layers panel.
I then model some more in the 01 model (place a few boxes and move some of them) and then undo some of these last actions. Is that when you see Undo not doing anything?

Hello, Wim,

I understand it’s hard to simulate. If I describe it step by step as it happens to me:

I open 01 in one instance
I connect 02 using the work session tool.
In 01 I can model everything works fine.

I open 02 in a separate instance.
I change and edit something there, save the 02 file.
I go to 01 and in the work session window I can already see that file 02 is different and can be updated.
I click update.
The attached file 02 changes.

From now on, whatever I draw, model in 01, I can’t go back any step. It’s like something is preventing it.

I have to close and reopen everything to make it work. Again until the external file needs to be updated.
If the errors were still there, I’d send the whole buggy packet to be examined, but it’s not - everything works again after reopening.

I might add that I have really been watching this problem for a long time. At first I thought maybe I had something wrong in my Rhino installation etc, so I even did a complete reinstall of the whole Windows and of course a clean install of Rhino over the summer. I tried it again immediately afterwards and it still happens to me.

I’ve added the above to give an overview of the exact process of how the error occurs, but we are basically in agreement and this is exactly the point where “UNDO” stops working.

So I finally found the cause in one of the plugins from Asuni. The developers have already fixed it and the problem is solved. Anyway, thank you very much, it definitely made me more aware of where to look.