The SetSurfaceTangent tool spoils continuity

Hello, I have an irrational surface.
I apply Weight for some points on 10, the continuity turns out good.
Then I use SetSurfaceTangent for 2 edges, the continuity just breaks, because the tool for an unknown reason changed the weight of 2 points by 1.

Why is that?
Untitled.3dm (249.1 KB)

Help me please!

Hello - that does look like a bug to me, btw, thanks for pointing that out. Setting the tangent should not monkey with the weights as far as I know. I am not sure why you need to SetSurfaceTangent in this case though if the the direction is as it appears in your file. It is already tangent in the same direction. All you’re doing is breaking the point weight not changing any point locations.


I have already encountered this problem earlier when I use the Weight tool, and then I align continuity with SetSurfaceTangent and get the problem. What to do here?

Hello - it is always possible to set the second row points by hand. SetSurfaceTangent is just a short cut for aligning all the tangent row points in line with the edge points. Another trick would be to extrude the edge curves in the desired tangent direction and MatchSrf for Tangency to that extrusion.