The result of their output is different in rhino7

When we execute the QuadRemesh command, the settings for the output are different

Bug.3dm (194.1 KB)


Same settings but different output

yes it is bug and i see it

Probably not a bug, like many retopologizing algorithms it probably starts in some random direction through its face search to resolve the mesh, like a random seed. Similar thing happens when calculating convex hulls in 3d. If multiple things are equal distance at some point in the face searching then which way to go gets picked randomly.

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I donโ€™t think this is the reason that when you run a descush in a software with the same output settings according to their algorithm and zremesher, you get the same output, but they have different outputs in this command.

I use zremesher in Zbrush often and I have seen many times variations in output on the same geometry, especially in the spiraling / winding directions.

Here is an example of the same output settings