The result of squish is not right

1.3dm (1.2 MB) the attachment has a 3dm file with two breps I want unroll using squish command,one brep can get right result but another can’t get right result

Hi Niceday- This looks like a bug to me- try ShrinkTrimmedSrf on these before squishing.


ShrinkTrimmedSrf on these before squishing can get right result.
but when i using rhinoapp().runscritpt to do these two command also can’t get the right result

please help me to see why these diffrent happen

Is this a question for @dale?

squish.rar (319.9 KB) attachment have the test codes and 3dm file

Hi @pascal,

DaleF is out of office till Sept 23, do you know someone who can help with the code?


Hi Kelvin- I posted the bug (above) to Dale Lear’s pile- he’s in charge of Squish.


The last model in your file has two polysurfaces. Is this the problem?

yes,this is the problem,but i want unroll the whole On_brep ,how can I do

That’s not currently possible. Why your code creates the two narrow surfaces at the back of the last model? If you can solve this problem, it won’t be a problem with squish.

This test brep maybe can solve the problem to make the it just one face,but I have many other breps,and they are have many surfaces too,so I still need a function to unroll this kind of brep