The render display mode goes nuts in the new WIP

Thanks a lot Brian, I do not want to buy another card…


Driver 361.43 won’t install on Win 7… I believe it’s only for Win 10. I can test other drivers on Win 7 with the GTX 470 and the latest v6 WIP botd, let me know if you’d like me to.

You may want to anyways if you plan on using CUDA in RhinoCycles.


@anon66739973 reported he has the same problem with Quadro 4000 when using Render Preview.

The model.

I can not reproduce the problem on my computer, Windows 10 64-bit, GTX 970 and driver 361.43.


I’m running 361.43 on my Win7 box right now (see my earlier screenshot).

These are the drivers…


How old is the Quadro 4000? I ask because NVidia seems to like reusing product names and numbers… I have 2 Quadro 5000’s…one made over 6 years ago, and one made just last year… So it’s somewhat confusing and ambiguous at times. I will try my older 5000 on Win10 to see if this happens as well. So far my GTX 680 seems to work.

I had used this one which says it’s for Win 10 only… I’ll try the other.

@anon66739973 Where did you get drivers 358.91? No matter what Quadro I try, or what OS I use, I never get an option for 358.91. The latest Quadro driver I see is 354.56.

What is your exact Quadro model and configuration? I’ve been trying:

Windows 10 64bit
Quadro Series 4000

… which gives me 354.56. Somehow you’ve managed to get an even newer version installed.

Okay, I got the driver installed… this happens as well on Win 7.

Damn… I just updated my Win7 machine with the GeForce to Win10… LOL

But I’m still not seeing the problem with my GTX 680.

Are you performing a “Clean Install” with the NVidia drivers installer? If not, please re-install and choose:


And see if things are any different. I’ve tried numerous cards here now (even old FX1800 and FX3800) and they even work. So I’m now starting to think that this might be some kind of configuration specific problem and not just related to a specific card…but maybe.

Let me know…

If it still happens with a clean install, then I’m probably going to need your card.


@jeff Yep, still happens with a clean driver install. Email me your new address if you can’t repro with another card.


What is the EXACT Make and Model of your card… I’m just going to pick one up here… I find it very interesting that I cannot produce the problem with any of the cards I have here (I’ve tried it on over a dozen)… I just tried V6 on a GTX 9800 (really old card) and it appears to work great. It also appears that I can’t even get a GTX 460 anymore (at least not from my standard sources).

@BrianJ If you can, please send the GTX 470 to me fast track…we need to get this figured out as soon as possible… I’ll email you the address.

Well, in all the darkness there is light…
I too get this now, and gone is the blackness!
So to me, on this machine it is an improvement :wink:

win 10 quadro 4000

Here on the mini, all objects with gray material, as you see here it follows the meshes, and it jitters when zooming and panning, so it kind of looks like two objects are on top of each other.

And if I set reflectivity to 1, or slooowly moves it down to 0 then I get this:
(applied same material on ground object)

But if I drag the slider fast to 0 then I get the spots again… odd.
(Well, it seems I am able to drag it to below 0.5 so it rounds down to 0 on the number on the slider, I have to let go just as it shows 0, not continue to drag it slowly all the way to the left)

Here with material color changed to white and a newly created box with a defaultly assigned material:

By the way sun and lights works fine once materials has a bit of reflection to them. Maybe default = 0 should be changed to 0.1 (there are no materials that has no shininess anyway ;))

I started fiddling with the reflection value since the shiny parts on the original mini file didn’t show the jitter.
Hope that helps you in the bugtracking @jeff , now time for bed.

Hi @jeff,
Sorry, just got the msg…I sent all info to Kelvin…whatever he asked for…

This is the details of the Quadro 4000.

[quote=“jeff, post:28, topic:28106”]
@KevJin Where did you get drivers 358.91?

It was installed by Windows update.

I’ve just received a GTX 470 and can reproduce the problem here. It does seem to be related to the Skylight setting… For now, anyone experiencing this problem should just turn off the Skylight setting in the “Render” panel tab (i.e. UNCHECK it)…until I can figure out what’s really going on.

The biggest issue right now is that there are no errors being produced…which implies the GPU believes everything we’re giving it should work…but it’s not…ugh!


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Hi Jeff, does that mean that the 460 does not renders correctly materials that has reflection set to 1?

I haven’t been able to get things to happen by just tweaking materials… So far, everything seems to be tied to the Skylight option… Setting a material’s reflective or transparency property doesn’t seem to cause any ill effects.

Please post a simple example that you confirm fails upon loading into V6 and I’ll see if it fails here too.