The range of color in RGB

 How can I make a range of RGB color with 3 parameters?

For example, R is from 0 to 128;
G is from 128 to 225;
B is from 0 to 128

Something like this? (11.5 KB)

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That may be what I want ,thank you very much! (28.4 KB)

Adapted from this, two years ago:

Thank you very much, I’ll think about it.

What is your goal?

My motivation for writing this was to get a limited palette of colors to use as an alternative to Gradient, like this:

Gradient may not satisfy my goal,so I think I have to make a range of color by myself.
My goal is to make a correct range of color.

Define “correct”? Since you have marked this thread “Solved”, I guess there’s no point in exploring it further?


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I think that’s the solution, I’ll try to use this way to solve my problem.
Thank you very much!