The project and pull command do not work in parallel with the selections filter


the project and pull command do not work in parallel with the selections filter

thank you

Hello - please just pick one example of filter settings that is incorrect, and tell me what that is, in words.


hello pascal.

i just tried all filter.
the problem occurs with 6 filters

(control points)

thank you

At the start of your video, you appear to be setting the selection filter to Control Points, then clicking on a curve. As the curve is not a control point nothing happens - that is to be expected.

Turn on Control Point display (F10), then set the filter again and click on one of the now visible control points and it will be selected. Click on anything that isn’t a control point and it won’t.


hi @jeremy5 .
in the video I first click on the preject command, and then I choose the curves to project on the surface.
the selection filters isolate the geometries that we don’t want to select by default.
but it must not in any case interrupt a command for it to work correctly.
the filters i mentioned above are the ones that prevent pull and project from working.
the rest of the filters, have no problem with the two commands.
I am not in front of my computer to show on video.

just to know that this doesn’t happen in rhino6.
all commands worked wonderfully with all selection filters

Hi @fares.boulamaali,

OK, I think I get what you are saying: If you are in the middle of a command and it requires you to select objects then the selection filter should be ignored.

In Rhino 6 the Project command ignored the filter when selecting curves and again when selecting the plane. However in Rhino 7 the Project command now honours the selection filter for the curves (although it still ignores it for the plane) so the behaviour has changed and you prefer the old way.

Other commands, like DupEdge, also ignore the selection filter, so the R6 way would be more consistent with them.

As someone who seldom uses the Selection Filter, it should be no skin off my nose which way it works but, as an occasional user, honouring the filter is intuitively what I would expect, so I find the R6 approach more surprising than the R7 one. And I find the inconsistency in R7 between the curve selection and the plane selection more troubling than the change from R6 to R7.

And I guess our different perspectives illustrate the dilemma now facing @pascal


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