The problem of choice after the projection

After the projection of curves A and B … When using ListItem (0 and 1) I can not normally select curves A and B from the right side. Or is this normal? (9.1 KB)

Hello @Modeler3D,

The solution to your problem is to first make a tree out of the curves that you want to project. Each direction takes up a tree branch. This distribution into two branches comes in handy later, to distinguish between the curves of different direction. The tree of two branches of curves is now projected to the sphere.

Since, the projection component somehow doesn’t return the curve projections as properly sorted into top and bottom projections on the sphere - this might be linked to the sphere geometry or its seam? -, I simply compare the z-value of the center point of the sphere to the z-values of a mid point of each projection curve. If the z-value of a curve mid point is bigger than the z-value of the sphere center point, its curve has been projected to the top of the sphere and vis versa.

It now suffices to swift the indices of each path of the ordered top and bottom projection curves tree, to restore the previous order of two tree branches for both directions of curves.

I guess this should work for you.

Happy holidays. (19.2 KB)

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Thank you very much! :smiley:

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