The problem about Spherical uniform load

I want to apply a uniform load of 100KN to the half sphere in the negative z-axis direction. The thickness of the is 2mm, the Poisson’s ratio of the material is 0.33, and the elastic modulus is 700Gpa. But the results I got with kiwi were dramatically different from those I got with Ansys. Is there a problem with my unit setup? Or maybe there’s something wrong with my payload setup?

Hemispherical (31.4 KB)


several things:

  • is the intended radius of the sphere 100mm?
  • the modeling does not represent a sphere but something similar. You have the set controlpointweights in order to get a sphere
  • the elastic modulus is set to 70GPa
  • is the payload 100kN/mm² ? The resulting force is then 100kN/mm * area of the sphere.
    The support forces and normal forces match your input. you can compare them by summing up the force at the gauss point times their gausspoint weight. Resp. divide the resulting force by the support curve length.