The object is non-integrated

Hello, masters

I modeled this part of the bottle with SubD, and then converted it to nurbs.

Now, when I want to project a line on the bottle, the shape is non-integrated and projecting a series of close curves on the different places of the bottle creates some unregular lines or curve out of the geometric principles.

Is there any way to integrate the shape for this purpose?

Thank you in advance

it s nearly impossible to help without a .3dm file.


you mean the conversion _toNurbs failed in producing a single Polysurface ?
check both SubD and Polysurface/Nurbs with
_showEdges (naked-Edges)
don 't change tolerances while working on the project.
did you try to use the option Faces=unpacked when running ToNurbs ?

for more precise support, post a file please

kind regards -tom

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Hi, Tom_p

Sadly, before your comment, I deleted the file, ignored the question and am working on another project.

I will examine it later, maybe I had a mistake somewhere.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: