The newly installed kangaroo won't work

I downloaded the kangaroo on the official website and copied the kangaroo file and the DLL file to the installation folder. The kangaroo icon is out. But it’s not working. See screenshot for details.:disappointed_relieved:

If you have ever encountered this problem, please help me solve it. I’m so grateful.
To add, it seems that others can be used, and only a few parts printed with kangaroos can not be used.

What’s the error message saying?

Are you using rhino 5 or 6?
If 6, there’s no need to install kangaroo as it is already included.

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:disappointed_relieved:I used Rhino 5. I bought it a long time ago.I think I need to upgrade Rhino 6.

It is to put the parts on the curtain, and then red letters appear.“1. Solution exception:No method found:“Int32 System.Environment.get_CurrentManagedThreadId()”。”:disappointed_relieved:

The version of Kangaroo on Food4Rhino should work with Rhino 5
Are you using the 64-bit version or 32?
From that error message though, I think the problem is that you need a more up-to-date version of the microsoft .net framework (at least 4.5 is needed I think).

I 've found the problem. It should be the configuration of the computer itself. Thank you very much.:grin: