The new Email notification is extremely annoying


before the recent change in format, the email summary was compact and gave me a quick overview over what’s new in the forums - as it’s supposed to do. I was able to go over it quickly and see if there is anything interesting without actually going to the forum.

The new format is totally annoying in that it takes up a lot of space, is extremely cluttered, and simply tries to do to much.
In such a summary, I don’t need to see avatars, icons, buttons, images and all that crap - I just want a headline.
If I want to read the forum - I read the forum.

I’ll unsubscribe from this ugly overzealous thing now, but I hope at a later time it will be usable again.



Keep in mind, the goal of the new format is to bring users that are not active on the forum back to the forum.

If you really need the old format why not simply go to?

Well, the effect it had on me was, that it made me unsubscribe from the daily summary - the total opposite of what it’s supposed to do - I now will probably visit the forum less.

Anyway, I just wanted to post here that I think the change went into the absolutely wrong direction with packing a summary with so much stuff that it lost it’s purpose of being a quick overview.



I think there is a good argument to be made for having a different format for daily summaries vs weekly, different use case.