The mysterious... Advanced and Alerter tabs

Good morning Rhino friends. I’ve been using Rhino for 10 years now and have never used the Advanced or Alerter tabs. Wondering if any kind soul can share with me what kind of stuff it’s useful for?

The Alerter tab is clearly a way of programming Rhino to “Alert” you when something happens… but what kind of stuff would it be? I tried clicking on the Help files but they’re not much help…

Thank you!

Hi Cosmas - Advanced is new in V6 - it holds all of the Rhino options settings (not document ones) that you normally see on all the Options pages, plus some that are, well, advanced, and not deemed to warrant a place in the top level UI but are nonetheless useful for some users.

Alerter is probably the most useful for letting you know when say, a long rendering is done. You could add say SaveRenderWindowAs or just play a sound to wake you from your nap. I suspect it is not used an awful lot, myself…
Somewhat similar is IdleProcessor which lets something happen when Rhino is doing nothing for x amount of time.

Thank you, Pascal. I really appreciate it.