The model is processed into a quadrilateral segmentation model

I want my whale to be processed into the effect of this drawing, and divide the quadrilateral regularly on average. And I can only handle it like this, which is far from the sketch effect. Do you guys have any solutions?

鲸鱼.3dm (1018.2 KB)
方格鲸鱼.gh (15.7 KB)

Hi @zfq947254420
if it’s just for graphic purposes, maybe the _CONTOUR command (and _MULTIPIPE after) is what you are looking for?
I see you are changing the colors of some tiles in your image, in which case you can split your surface with those contours and remove/edit the resulting pieces.

The SPLIT BREP MULTIPLE component seems to work fine in GH, but you have to turn your subd whale into a NURBS version using _toNurbs first.

方格鲸鱼 (22.3 KB)

Thank you for the help of Ign24680, but what I want is not the equilateral line cutting like you, but to divide the quadrilateral around the body structure of the whale. For example, the schematic diagrams of my pictures are like this

Ok! So, in that case, you really have to draw your own cutting curves, and then extrude them and cut your surface model with those.
Your desired grid is too unique and it would be really hard to develop an algorithm to create it.
You might need to draw some curves in plan and some in elevation and use those to cut your model.

Really cool model though!

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