The metric system and jewelry design

Hi everyone,

I have recently gotten interested in jewelry design, and so I have been learning as much as I can about Rhino to help me along.

I have discovered that metric units – in particular, the millimeter – serve as the primary measurement units used in jewelry design. This seems to be the case even in the United States, which stubbornly refuses to metricate fully.

I strongly advocate the required use of the metric system to serve as the sole basis of weights and measures. And therefore, the widespread use of the metric system in jewelry design pleases me immensely.

Thank you all for listening.


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@Stanley Hi Stanley, FYI – Right click on your avatar yields:

troy ounce… carat…

those are pretty popular in jewelry land, no?

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your reply.

Perhaps you are correct regarding the troy ounce, if jewelers still use that. (Maybe they do, maybe they don’t – I honestly don’t know.)

Concerning the carat, however, you are not correct. The carat – it may be called the metric carat – is now universally defined to be 200 milligrams. Of course, a milligram is a metric unit.

While I am on the subject of milligrams, a milligram is one-thousandth of a gram and one millionth of a kilogram. One liter of water weighs one kilogram.


Hi Fred,

Thank you for that information. I believe that I have now corrected that.

May I please ask a question, however. When I reply or post a message, I want the message to show only my first name, “Stanley.” I do not also want it to show “smax.” I don’t see in my profile how I can remove that. Could you kindly explain what to do.



In your profile preferences, just have Stanley as your username, and leave the full name section blank. That should work like you want I think…

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Hi Helvetosaur,

Thank you for your response.

The problem is that I cannot delete “smax.” In the account information, it says the following:

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i’m not following… Imperial length and weight are defined using the metric system… an inch is now exactly 25.4 mm… etc

but i don’t think that means an inch is part of the metric system

or, i’ve never heard of a kilocarat (though maybe that’s such a thing?)

side note— there is such a thing as a milliinch… i use that unit daily… but it’s not metric

What is the connection between this topic and Rhino?

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maybe a request to remove feet & inches from the software?

Hi everyone,

First, I am not trying to be off topic. I was just commenting that, as I am going through various tutorials on Rhino, length measurements were almost always using metric units (in particular the millimeter).

I am not advocating that Rhino remove feet and inches from its software. On the other hand, I do argue that feet, inches, miles, and all non-metric units pertaining to weights and measures be removed from usage in any application.

I did not mean to be impolite or argumentative, if that is how it seemed. I was just impressed how the jewelry industry seems to be so advanced regarding the metric system.


Hmm, mine looks like this:

So I guess smax is your official username, and not Stanley? I’m not sure how to change any of that either, those settings don’t seem accessible to edit. @steve?

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Hi Helvetosaur,

Right. I guess I cannot change it.


the main problem with that from my point of view at least…

it’s very expensive yet you’re offering no solution on how, or who, will be funding this…

or, you’re implying i should throw away many of my ‘made for a lifetime’ tools and rebuy them as metric versions… that’s thousands of dollars for just me personally… on a nationwide scale, i’m guessing this is in the trillions of dollars.

and for what? the tools and units work great… what is the reason i shouldn’t be able to use them? because you like millimeters? is my use of Imperial affecting your life negatively in some way?

idk, if you like metric and want to use only metric then cool, do that… why do you have a problem with someone using inches though?

(personally i use both systems in my work… but again, i’m not seeing the reasoning why i shouldn’t be allowed to do that and be forced to use only one :woman_shrugging: )