The little things

I often forget that I’m working in the WIP rather than 5. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit F10, then realized I didn’t have to - which reinforces how many hundreds (thousands?) of times I day I’m not going to have to click F10 going forward.

And I notice that the default for snapping is visible geometry which means I don’t have to zoom way in to make sure I haven’t selected something on the other side of my object - which is also a major time saver.

I solve this by changing the “Window color 1” in V5 to a light blue and to a pale red in WIP. Then I have a visual clue which tool I’m in.
Options - Appearance - Colors, General section

Good idea. Thanks.

@John_Brock maybe you and @pascal can figure out something like this that can automatically gets installed with the WIP builds.

I use a colored command area background.