The Kindle version of "The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design* is unusable

Just received the notification about the new book - The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design

Don’t buy the Kindle version, it is unusable. I bought it
and just left the following review:

Bought the Kindle version because I assumed that things like web links would be live and other stuff copyable/pastable. Ideal to use on the Kindle app on my PC (perfect to work along with it with my two screens…) How wrong could I be? The Grasshopper formulae etc are unreadable on the PC Kindle app even with my hi-res screen - Impossible to see at 100% size and even when expanded to 200% just a blurred mess (see photo A) On the Kindle phone app main text slightly clearer but the Grasshopper stuff impossible to read - and to zoom out. Full phone screen shot at maximum zoom in photo 1. And none of the web links are live on either (even though neatly printed in blue print). Shame for the authors - they have really been let down. Do I trust the hard copy and buy that???

Not sure if these will load here…

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Thanks for the heads up. Kindle doesn’t do textbooks very well. I’m always mystified why they never improved the Kindle format to handle something other than plain text.

Hi Jack,

Although you may feel your post here and on amazon was useful to the readers, I hope it might have occurred to you to contact one of us, on the e-mail address we provided, to let us know of the problem directly, before advising everyone else to steer clear of buying our book. We have since then released the book in PDF format, and have repeatedly asked our readers to give us feedback, in order to improve the book - as well as offered a free PDF version to those that already bought the book in Kindle and were not satisfied.