The Kangaroo goal to make a mesh smooth


I was trying to use Kangaroo to find a mesh surface which is on a target curve while its top and bottom opening are attached to other target curves. The finished mesh seems to be not smooth in the area where the middle target curve sits. I know it’s different to have a smooth mesh to pass three target curves like this but I was hoping to use Kangaroo to make my form finding easier.

Does anyone know how to make the mesh smooth with the conditions I mention above in Kangaroo? What’s the goal to keep surface smooth? BTW, one key requirement is that the middle curve can move up or down in Z direction to allow the mesh to be smooth.


test1.3dm (90.2 KB) (24.3 KB)

test1 Edited (21.4 KB)
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Thanks for your prompt reply Quan. I tried it and it worked well!