The intersection point...of two lines

Hello there Forum.
I’m hoping this is an easy one…
How do I find the intersection point of two lines?
I know how this is done with circles…but not simply with two lines.
Jason (12.6 KB)

Have you tried using the CCX Curve | Curve component?

That’s what I used for circles actually…I kinda thought lines were different.

For intersection purposes, lines are different from curves, or can be if you use LLX instead of CCX. LLX ignores line lengths and treats all lines as infinitely long, which can be useful sometimes and not what you want at other sometimes.

I’m not sure what your objective is here (“5-Star”?) but there are other ways to get there. (12.4 KB)

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Thanks for the tip with the LLX and CCX
Goodness, that script you re-wrote and simplified is super sweet.
BTW, this was my end-goal…with the 5-point star (17.9 KB)
BTW, I’m super interested in Mandalas and Islamic geometric rosette patterns…if you know any good links

Very nice! If you join those lines together you get five separate polylines, all identical and rotated.

I did this Syrian tile pattern six years ago:

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@Joseph_Oster Super impressive. I’ve just started my journey into this field.
I’ll Google Syrian patterns now.
Thank you for sharing.