The Incredible Shrinking Toilet

In one project, this toilie is at what i’ve been assuming is the right scale. In the other project, after it being the correct scale while working with the project for hours, suddenly the Toilet object has shrunk to about .3 of the size. It reinserts to that size also. If it is now copied from the project where it’s the correct scale, it now shrinks when it’s pasted into the other project. (And yet that’s how it got into the misbehaving project in the first place.) A difference between the projects is in the level of accuracy, but otherwise the units are the same, and as the below shows, the objects report the same properties (from what I can tell):

There’s a bug when copying and pasting Element objects created from blocks from one document into another.
The scale of the object gets a number for their X,Y and Z factor values different that 0.
However, if you detele the object and insert it again, it should take the proper size. If it doesn’t, set the Scale factor values to 1.

Unfortunately,. as my image shows, the scale already matches what you suggest, in both projects. And as my post says, it inserts that way also. Changing the scale values doens’t fix it.

Blame it on the airlines!

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Ok, then run the Insert command to insert the block that this WC Element style is using (called “WC 3D”), double click to edit the block and scale it to the desired dimension. Then exit the Edit Block dialog and update (vaUpdate the Elements using that style to see changes.

That works. ANd now it displays as it has been doing since I first copied it into the project… I hope it stays that way this time! THanks.

By the way, the same issue happens with the Sink. Regarding the aparrent corruption of the blocks in the current project, It may be that the default blocks in the project got overwritten when I copied the objects into the file, and if I hadn’t done that they would insert correctly.

Yes, the problem happens with Annotation, Element or Furniture objects created from blocks, when they are copied from one document to another that have different units. We will fix this in future releases.

It also seems to work to import the uncorrupted objects back from the template though one must rename the copied/overwritten versions of the blocks (unfortunately they can’t be deleted from Styles but maybe thats only if there’s an instance in the model…)

Exactly, blocks can’t be deleted from the Block Manager if there is an instance in the model of a VisualARQ object whose style is using that block.

The “Incredible shrinking Toilet” bug has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.3: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.3 released