The Help is unwell


Something seems to have gone wrong with the help. I seldom use it so don’t know if this is a known problem with the latest stable V5 64bit (Version 5 SR4 (5.4.30524.11065, 24/05/2013))

Bug - Help File
(Brian James) #2

Hi Tone,

Sorry this is busted for you at the moment presumably right when you need it. This is something we have heard a couple times and we’re still not certain what’s causing it on some systems. The fix for most users has been to run the Rhino installer again and to choose the Repair option. Subsequent service release installs broke the help again in those cases though so this is still a problem we want to prevent in the first place.

Can you tell me what OS you’re running and if you have all the updates available from MS?

In the meantime, please try repairing the install and let me know if I can answer anything you were hoping to find in the Help.


Lo Brian
Running Win 7 64bit Home. Updated the windows (3 months behind) and help now works fine. Didn’t have to do a reinstall/repair. I was trying to find out why I couldn’t shell a filleted ‘Y’ junction. Used offset surface in the end (though the fillets generated a lot of isoparms).

(Brian James) #4

Thanks Tone for letting me know about the Win update fix.

OffsetSrf has a tolerance option and also a loose option in the command line which can be used to limit the isocurves created in the offset. The result will be less accurate but if you are looking for a simpler offset structure it may help.Shell is looking for a face to remove and I often find it works best if the face chosen is flat and not bordered directly with Fillets. Send a model over if you need and I can take a look too. It sounds like you may be set with OffsetSrf though in this case.