The gumball scale anchor is sometimes above the gumball origin

Hey there,
from time to time I have the issue, that the scale anchor is directly above the origin of the Gumball. It keeps me from aligning the surface to the grid.

Normally I can drag using the gumball origin while pressing ALT and SHIFT so it snips to the grid and stays at the same height.
What am I doing wrong?

If I draw a normal polyline than it is fine.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello - if the dimension of the object is not zero in that (in this case) red direction, the scale handle will show - if you want to flatten the object in that direction click on the scale handle and type 0 and Enter- the object will be flattened and the scale handle will disappear.

Any luck?


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Thank you Pascal! It works that way. I did not keep the original surface (but it should have been flat from the beginning), but it works with other surfaces. :slight_smile: