The French should of switched to base12 instead of bringing Metric to base10

(David Rutten) #82

Depends on what you need it for. What you typically want is a base which is divisible lots of different ways (12 or 28 or 60 for example) or a prime base. Both have their advantages.

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(Tom) #83

…its much shorter if you make use of our ability to merge words into one!:point_up:

Fünfunddreizigtausendsechshundertachtundneunzig or try this one:
Rhabarbarbarasbarbarenbabierbar - Rhubarb-Barbara’s barbarian-barber bar

by the way the winner in terms of efficiency comes from Switzerland, Belgium and French Canada :wink:
1.trente-cinq-mille-six-cent-nonante-huit (Swiss,Belgian and French Canada French)
3.trente-cinq-mille-six-cent-quatre-vingt-dix-huit (French)

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(Wim Dekeyser) #84

In light of the nature of this thread…

=> “French-speaking Belgians” (a.k.a Walloons)
(I wasn’t raised to say nonante)

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(Graham) #85

Yes French-speaking Swiss, Belgians and Canadians would be better

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(Marc Gibeault) #86

Just so you know, in Québec (French-Canada) we’re using the French nomenclature (soixante-dix, quatre-vingt, quatre-vingt-dix). It’s only Belgium and it’s colonies and Switzerland that use septante, huitante and nonante.


(Andrew Nowicki) #87

The octal base is best because:

  1. It has simple multiplication table.
  2. It is compatible with computers.
  3. It is possible to make glyphs which explain their meaning, so they do not have to be remembered. The best example of such octal glyphs is Ygyde language, which has optional octal numbers. These glyphs are shown in the following screenshot:
    Complete description of the Ygyde language is here:

Despite desperate efforts of the French government, the metric system failed, but it was revived about one century later by European traders. details:



Personally I’d rather grow two additional fingers than have to cut two of 'em off… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


(Andrew Nowicki) #89

The minimum number of fingers of a dexterous hand (human or robotic) is four. The best way to improve dexterity of human hand is not to add more fingers, but to replace the little finger with a thumb.


(Tom) #90

I know exactly how it feels like to be so bored!

That’s why my proposal is to use a base11 system:

  • its a odd way of working with numbers! Even base is so 3000 bc
  • Its a fair compromise between log12 and log10,
  • You don’t need to grow more fingers, or chopping any of them of, because
    counting with your existing limbs still works for any man interested in.
  • Its a prim number, dividing is almost always “rational”
  • Everyone just needs to learn one new symbol
  • odd rounded numbers always work in salary negotiations
  • soccer field planning becomes much easier.
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yeah, base8 is pretty good.
it’s how Imperial works in many ways…
if we did imperial divisions in base 8, we’d write 5.3" instead of 5-3/8"… (like 53mm & 5.3cm)

the measuring scale is also changeable on the fly as we could easily switch it to base2 or 4 or 16 or 32 etc depending on the accuracy needed for any particular scenario.

still, it doesn’t divide up well for day-to-day uses… it doesn’t divide into thirds.
it’s slightly better than base10 though in that it divides cleanly into 4ths which is a lot more common than 5ths.