The "flow" component in GH is short of the option "preserveStructure", which gives me a headache

I am a freshman of GH and I love it so much even I just use it for four days! I am happy to join in this group and wish the nice communications with everyone.
Here is a headache I need help. When I was using the “flow” (morph shape according to different curves) to morph surfaces in Rhino, I had to choose the option “preserveStructure” as “Yes” otherwise Rhino can’t respond (I don’t even know why). Now when I use GH to apply “flow”, I find there is no such an option, or this option is defaulted as “NO”. Thus in GH, when I come to this component, GH can’t respond either.
What can I do for this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Images, files, expected results?

Thank you so much, Michael!
Sorry I am new to the forum and don’t know the inner rules. I will learn step by step.
I will prepare the files and upload them.

if you want to preserve flow you have to extract the surface points and then flow these and rebuild the surfaces again with the transformed points: (12.7 KB)

Hi Gijs,

Thank you so much for your help!!
I tried your method instantly, it works, however, the morphed shape is not what I expected. There are some overlapping. What I want to do is to morph the left shape. From its center line to the straight line in the right.
I don’t know if I am clear. And if I prepare model, should I upload the rhino file, or GH file?
Thanks again!

Hi Michael,

Here is the rhino file.
I want to morph the surface, from its center line to the straight line. Let me know if you need anything else.
morphing1 morph.3dm (82.1 KB)


Hi Gijs,

Here is the Rhino file.

morph.3dm (82.1 KB)

closed surfaces have duplicate points so in that case you have to remove those duplicates and build nurbs curves and then loose loft to get your original surface back (29.6 KB)

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Wow, Gijs, it really works!! You (and your skill) are fantastic! I admire you so much and I am feeling so lucky (as a freshman with the first question on the first day in the forum)!
Would you please give some tips for the freshmen like me about how to improve the GH skills quickly?
Thanks again!

  • download examples that come by and try to replicate them
  • read grashopper 101
  • watch youtube series on data trees by David Rutten (tree structures are the hardest part of GH)
  • but most of all keep making things, run into issues and try to solve them (google is your friend, because most likely you are facing a problem that has been solved many times before)

well, don’t base that on this sample. I’m just a GH beginner compared to the real GH gurus on this forum

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Nice suggestions! I am sure to follow them.
Thank you again for your kindness and wish to get more help from you and others in this forum.

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You’re welcome and enjoy reading and learning. :slightly_smiling_face: