The first intersection of a curve with a brep

Do you know an easy solution for getting the first intersection of a curve and something else such as Brep?k

Something like this? It determines the closest point by the smallest curve parameter.

closest (107.1 KB)

Thank you for your response, I tried but I could not make it, could you please try it with my definition? (10.2 KB)

Well, you said “Brep” but I guess you really meant “Curve”… (11.9 KB)

Have you consider using the IsoVist Ray component?

There are also Limit To First options in the menus of Brep Line, Surface Line and Curve Line components.

And there’s a Mesh Ray component which only ever returns the first intersection.


Thank you much.
Actually in this case, I am working with curves, but I asked you generally because I wanted to know all the solutions.Thank you anyway.

Ha ha! I never knew there was a Limit to First option in any of these. Years of work wasted!

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It’s hardly discoverable I know. Sadly it has to be a menu option rather than input as it changes the access level of the output parameters from LIST to ITEM. This is something which must be set up correctly before each solution, can’t be done from within the solution…

But my views on this have changed and these days I prefer having two different components rather than trying to add menu options to a single one.