"The file writting plug in failed" not able to export .dae

Hello everyone!

I offen have this problem where I try to export .dae (COLLADA file) for Lumion but the majority of time I get this error.

Anyone knows how can I turn around this?

example collada.3dm (1008.2 KB)

Hi Leonardo -

example collada - wd.dae (656.8 KB)

That seems to work just fine here…
Running an old, cracked version of Rhino 7 might not help?

Creating a new instance of Rhino and copying and pasting your geometry into the new file before exporting worked for me.

creating new instance as you said would be create a block in rhino with the exported meshes?

New instance as in open another copy of Rhino, copy and paste into the new file.

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