The domain of 't' when using Curve.Pointat(t) method!

hello everyone:
I am a freshman of Rhinocommon using C#!.
IN one program I want use the Curve.Pointat(t) method to get the startpoint and endpoint of a line. Coding like this:
var startpoint = Curve.PointAt(0);// it’s just fine, return the start point ;
var endpoint = Curve.PointAt(1); // it’s fine…………
( Rhino 5 SR4, Rhinocomman 5.1.30000.8, Runtime Version v2.0.50727)

Sorry it‘s fine get the end point………………

Hi liuming.
Check the Curve.PointAtEnd property.

Edit: sorry did not see your second reply arrived in the mean time.

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Thank you!

Understand that the domain of a curve does not necessarily begin at 0.0 and end at 1.0.

To get the starting and ending points of a curve without using Curve.PointAtStart and Curve.PointAtEnd, you can do the following:

Point3d start = curve.PointAt(curve.Domain.Min);
Point3d end = curve.PointAt(curve.Domain.Max);
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Thank you ! Get it!