The Disappearing Ramp

The Ramp elements in the centre of the two plans on this current project’s layout do not print (Cutepdf) unless I delete the wall between the two flights or delete the Detail View on the right.
RampPrintIssues.3dm (19.5 MB)

In this earlier version of the project, the Ramp prints:
RampPrints.3dm (19.6 MB)

Apart from being worked on for a few hours longer, the more current version of the project has been scaled from M to mm. Apart from that, I can find no difference between the objects in question to explain this behaviour.

I welcome advice on how to restore the current project.

I think you can get a better result if you increase the output quality of the CutePDF printer. I’ve tried to print the plan views to 600dpi and 1200dpi and I got the same problem: ramp lines didn’t show up. If I print to 2400 dpi instead, the ramp displays properly.

I could try that once the Door Swing issue is resolved, if it doesn’t make the pdf file size unmanageable.