The direct smoothing curve between edges. How?

Hello, how to receive the direct smoothing curve between 2 edges? I could achieve result only via the BlendSrf tool, but it is not convenient.
Untitled.3dm (171.1 KB)

Does Match with the SurfaceEdge option help? It matches a curve to a surface at a selected point on the edge of the surface. Select the curve, then the SurfaceEdge option, the edge of the surface to be matched, the location for the match, and the type of match. When SurfaceEdge is used there is a check box to make the curve perpendicular to the surface edge.

What for the tool?

To create a blend curve between two surfaces use BlendCrv with the Edges option. Click on the edges of the surfaces to be blended, Click on the panel for the desired continuity. Drag the handles at the ends of the blend curve to the desired locations. Adjust the other handles until the shape of the curve is as desired. Click on Okay to complete.

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And I also didn’t know that the tool is capable of similar… Thank you very much! :grinning:

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking.

Match adjusts an existing curve or line so the end of the curve has desired continuity with another curve or surface.

Start the Match command. Select the curve to alter near the end to be matched. There is an option “SurfaceEdge”. Select it. Then select the surface to be matched. Pick the location to match the surface. Select the desired level of continuity. Click on Okay t complete.

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Useful information. I didn’t use Match for curves in such a way yet.