The difference between the components

It is very inconvenient when they are so different. Why not to synchronize these 2 components?

Synchronise how? Those are ValueLists, the names in them are specified by the user.

Components have different mode lists.
FilEdge: Fillet, Chamfer, Blend.
And at Connect: Position, Tangency, Curvature.
Maybe you should not use different names? Yes, and 0 for the first component Fillet, and for the second already Position, this is inconvenient.

But… these are different things, why should they have the same name?

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Is it? Chamfer has a Position, and Blend Curvature … Am I wrong?

Fillet Edge can do a chamfer (connecting surface with a straight cross section), arc-fillet (connecting surface with a circular-arc cross section) and blend-fillet (connecting surface with a smooth curve cross section).

Connect Curves can connect using straight lines, tangent-continuous nurbs curves and curvature-continuous nurbs curves.

Here, FilEdge (Chamfer) gives a straight section, and Connect (Position) gives a straight line. These modes are very similar … :slightly_smiling_face:

Not at all, fillet edge (chamfer) is based on distance along each face as a radius. A position blend is literally point to point regardless of gap size etc. A chamfer will always be equal in angle to the two things it is connecting, a position will not (but it could)

BTW these are not terminologies invented by McNeel, they are real documented terms used in geometry and other software.


Okay, where can I read the McNeel terminology?
By the way, the results are still very similar …

Our Rhino help glossary has all of 21 words in it… so probably not there. Although one of the terms is ‘continuity’.

It is certainly true that a lot of jargon in both Rhino and Grasshopper was either poorly chosen at the time or hasn’t aged very well. In this case it’s not really words we came up with, they seem to be well established in the fields of mathematics and machining.

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Thank! :slightly_smiling_face:

And finally, can change the order (for convenience)?

FilEdge: Fillet, Chamfer, Blend.
Connect: Position, Tangency, Curvature.

I feel more comfortable:
FilEdge: Chamfer, Fillet, Blend.
And at Connect: Position, Tangency, Curvature.

Please not. I don‘t want to see millions old definitions break because of it…

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It won’t change I think (thankfuly). The two have nothing to do with eachother and those options are hard coded in Rhinocommon in that order. :grinning:

By the way, the results are still very similar

Nope :sweat_smile:

There is a straight section in any case … The current order complicates my job.

If you really believe they are the same, I know who to not go to to build something for me :grinning:. One trims / extends segments and equalizes the angles between (chamfer). One simply connects point to point (position).

Okay …

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