The detail meanning of RelativeTolerance in Unroller Class

Hi, Everyone.
I am using Unroller to unroll the undevelopable surface using the RelativeTolerance Properties.
The Document of RhinoCommon said, RelativeToleranceis as follow:

Gets or sets the relative tolerance for the unrolling operation. Relative tolerance is used in the evaluation of intrinsic properties, such as computations “along” the surface or brep.In the current implementation, relative tolerance is used to decide if a surface is flat enough to try to unroll. That helps ease the scale dependency. The surface has to be linear in one direction within (length * RelativeTolerance) to be considered linear for that purpose. Otherwise smash will ignore that tolerance and unroll anything.

But I don’t know the actually meaning of RelativeTolerance in the document, what is the RelativeTolerance refer to and whay within(length * RelativeTolerance).
Is anyone can show me some detail of about RelativeTolerance, ThankYou

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