The CRhinoLicenseValidator Class

i want to create a zoo plugin in c++ , the example in github say that we have to create a class that inherit from CRhinoLicenseValidator.
the question is how my plugin can recognise CRhinoLicenseValidator class, is it automaticly if i have zoo instaled or with making a reference to a .dll ?

I am not sure I understand this question. I many need more clarification.

When your plug-in calls CRhinoPlugIn::GetLicense, if a license is found, then Rhino will call into your CRhinoLicenseValidator::ValidateProductKey-derived object’s virtual function to validate the license it found. So you plug-in doesn’t directly use the CRhinoLicenseValidator-derived object.

Does this help?

– Dale


Yes thank you, it’s working