The component displays discontinuity after adding nodes

When I create such a set of superimposed components with “shells” and place them into nodes, the colors change at the nodes in the display mode, but the forces inside a component should change continuously. Right? Is there anything wrong with my practice? When I tried to do this with “beams”, I had a similar display problem at the nodes.
Any advise and assistance is appreciated.

Hi, I do not understand your issue. Can you share your definition please?

The current display mode is utilization.My question is that why the result of utilization at the nodes is not continuous?

I am not sure what loads you have applied, but the utilisation shows a ratio between the normal stress at a point and the strength of the corresponding material. You should check the stresses to see if they correlate as you could have different stresses.

Thank you very much.I have solved this problem by changing the rigid connection to articulated.