The best import file format from ViaCAD?

From ViaCAD Pro and/or Shark, I intend to import files to Rhino (5.5.3).

There are at least four file formats I could use and I’m wondering if there is a best format please? Preserving colours and textures is not vital.

Or, if not all will work, what is the best order in which to try? Are there pros and cons? I’m partly wondering how much better (if at all) for Rhino import, that .sat are than .step files. (I’m aware that Rhino doesn’t import ACIS SAT files natively, but that there are import filters available).

The file (export) format candidates are:

  • STEP
  • IGES


Clive in London

Hi - I don’t know ViaCAD but, generally, I would go with STEP.
You could try them all and see which workflow suits you best.