That CRhinoDisplayConduit draw models continuity is a heavy load to PC.(C++)

I drew a lot of models through CRhinoDisplayConduit for an animation.
Models were drawn when I moved a cursor.
If I don’t moved a cursor, CRhinoDisplayConduit will work to draw those models.
It is a heavy load to PC.
How to solve this problem ?

Hi Steven,

There is not enough information here for us to be very helpful. More details and some sample, working code would be helpful.

Have you seen the following SDK sample, which performs simple path animation?

Does this help?

– Dale

Thanks Dale!
My models need not be updated due to no move, so I want to shut down CRhinoDisplayConduit for less load to PC.
However, it will make those models disappear.

Pretend I have no idea what you are doing (which I don’t). Please explain to me what you want to do (in as much detail as you can), and why?

I got it. I need some time to think how to explain it.