Thank you for RealDrawing

Dear Developers,

Thank you so much for the Real Drawing plugin and to made it open sourse.

It will also provide a good study material for learning C# as well.


What is that plugin?

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A plug-in from McNeel team for better Rhino layout management.

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mmm a brand new one :astonished:

Yes it was developed at last weekends TT Core AEC Tech 2019: West Coast Hackathon

Personally, Fabtools - Layout Manager is still a much faster workflow. Opening a file with 100’s of layouts takes a while with Real Drawing enabled.

Hi @Rickson,

Yeah it still need some work, as we only had a few hours (for the hackthon) to put it together. You’ll see some tuneups in the near future.

– Dale


Hi @dale,

This looks very promising.
Could you reveal a list of functionalities you’re planning to add next?

Thanks in advance.

This is good news! This will indeed come in handy to complement the script on this thread. I also like to stay as native as possible with software so it is even better that this is an official McNeel plug-in.

Btw @dale could you, some time, have a look at why it does not work 100% ? Thank you.

Hi dale,

The text on Food4Rhino also shows “The first tool in the project”. Do you plan more enhancements?

Hey everyone,

I spend a few hours cleanup the hackathon source, adding a few new features such as multiple selection for deletion, a context menu, some cleaner toolbar icons and maybe more.

You can find the update here:

Let me know what you think.


– Dale


Thank you dale,

I tried to Add/Refresh the references (I Added all from the Rhino 6 /System folder ) in Visual Studio but I got error (yellow triangle). Which .Net version do we need to use?

Hi @onrender,

Are you trying to build the project? If so, the project uses the RhinoCommon NuGet package. Thus, you need to do after opening the .csproj file is poke the Save button (to save the solutiion) and then build. When you build, the NuGet package will automatically be downloaded (restored).

– Dale

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hi @dale thanks for making realdrawings! very handy.
However the options to move the layout order have disappeared as in this post.
can we now only access that through the WIP version of rhino?

Hi @aditya.d.bhatt,

If I recall correctly, the Rhino 6 test version would let you move layouts, but only in the UI - the layouts never really moved. Thus, the buttons were deleted.

But yes, the Layouts panel is fully implemented in the WIP.

– Dale